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Hello! I'm Lorena de Paula, or simply Lola and I make art! To be more specific I make illustrations, drawings, paintings, designs, paste-ups, murals and all kinds of stuff. I love to mix all kinds of mediums going from analogue to digital, from paper to wall, etc. Thanks so much for supporting my work. This will help me continue to make art and my creative living! I hope, with your support I can upgrade the production quality of my work and share/bring life to personal projects such as books, clothing and other things that will arrive on my artistic journey in the future!
I see this platform as a way to create more of a community where I can share my portfolio, my process and my techniques, but also a community that will hopefully inspire other artists on their own journeys!
I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my website. I hope you will consider contributing so that I can continue creating and sharing my art with you! 



Obrigado pelo envio!


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